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Develop Gutsy Goals That Make You Stretch
By Debbie Allen, All Rights Reserved

Successful entrepreneurs are always looking for new opportunities. They not only seek them out with keen awareness; they act upon them. They thrive on taking chances they strongly believe in. Your next opportunity may seem a little crazy, a little far-fetched, even scary. But don’t let that hold you back!  If your goals aren't at least a little scary they are probably not stretching you as far as they should be.

Are you ready to develop some gutsy goals?  Are you ready to take a chance on your own success?  Sometimes a commitment is all that is needed to make it happen. If you don't step up and take a chance now and then you will never see your highest level of success!  

The world is full of people who are too scared to take chances.  Those people keep saying, What if? Maybe you have even caught yourself saying, What if it doesn't work out?, What if I fail?, What if? What if? 

Most successful people have taken many chances and failed time and time again. Think of failure as a learning experience.  Just don't keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Learn from them and move on.

With the growing competition, both on and off the web today you must learn how to be more shameless in your marketing than ever before and to develop some gutsy new goals to move ahead.  

Ask yourself right now: What can I do that is a little risky, a little gutsy, a little scary that might move my career to the next level of success?

You've heard the saying, If you don't ask, you don't get. I will add to that, If you don't take a chance, you will never reap the rewards! The rewards may just include growing your business to another level of success and gaining a much stronger belief in yourself and your abilities.    

Shamelessly let the world know whom YOU are and why they need to do business with YOU, not your competition!

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Bio: Debbie Allen is one of the world’s leading authorities on sales and marketing.  She is the author of five books including Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters and Skyrocketing Sales.  Debbie has helped thousands of people around the world attract customers like crazy with her innovative, no-cost marketing strategies and secrets to sales success.  Her expertise has been featured in Entrepreneur, Selling Power and Sales & Marketing Excellence.  Sign up for her FREE 6-week e-Course Business Success Secrets Revealed ($97 value) and take the online business card quiz to rate your marketing online now at