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Winning Retail Strategies! Triggers, Influence & Change


  Debbie Allen’s Workshop Agenda:


  9:00 am   Introduction & Outline of Presentation


  9:05 am   Retail Trend Forecast

                   · Changes, Challenges & Choices

                   · Overcoming Consumer Spending Obstacles


  9:30 am   The Science of the Sell

                   · Triggers, Influence & Diversity

                   · 7 Psychological Triggers To Increase Sales


10:20 am  Group Exercise – Taking Steps To Improve


10:30 am  Break


10:50 am  Winning Over Marketing Adversity

                   · 7 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Retailers Make

                   · Overcoming Obstacles And Building Success As A Team


11:20 am  Highly Effective Marketing Strategies On A Limited Budget

                   · Driving Tons Of Traffic With Low Cost Marketing Strategies

                   · Shamefully Successful Self-Promotion


12:00 am   Meeting Adjourned  


Detailed Presentation And Marketing Summary


Speaker:    Debbie Allen  

Workshop Title: Winning Retail Strategies! Triggers, Influence & Change


Retail Trend Forecast:

Discover the changes, challenges and choices facing retailers today.  You will discover critical steps that retailers and management can take now to help turn around the retail environment.  Learn how to increase profits, implement innovative marketing strategies and gain more loyal customers.  Discover retail strategies that are building profits and increased sales for winning retailers and innovative shopping malls developments.


The Science of the Sell:

Debbie will reveal the top 7 psychological triggers that motivate consumers to buy more often.  During this informative presentation, you will learn how to go after your consumer’s mind share – not just market share. 

You will discover how to dramatically increase sales and build traffic in your shopping malls by connecting to

and inspiring your customer’s emotions.  In addition, you will learn how to improve your marketing and service

with diversified strategies that connect with different genders and generations.


Group Exercise:

During this fun interactive group session, attendees will begin to network and build a supportive team spirit. 

Debbie will end the first half of the day with her fun signature story about rafting and hiking in the Grand

Canyon – Taking Positive Steps Towards Success.


Winning Over Marketing Adversity

Discover the 7 BIGGEST marketing mistakes that retailers do and how you can help them avoid them.  You will learn the mistakes that most retailers make over and over again with the advertising and inconsistent marketing efforts.  Discover how to support your retailer’s success as a team and how to build a strong retail alliance of shameless fans.


Highly Effective Marketing Strategies On A Limited Budget

During this eye-opening session, Debbie will share her innovative marketing strategies that will help you to drive tons of traffic to your retail properties.  You will discover highly effective marketing strategies that you can easily implement on a limited budget – without breaking the law or the bank.  Learn how to get tons of free media exposure, create a national special event, build business alliances in your communities, get dynamic testimonials and repeat referrals.  Discover the science and the art of successful self-promotion that will build success for everyone on your management’s team.  Debbie will end this session with her inspiring signature story on change.


Overall Learning Outcomes:

¨Discover retail trends, challenges and choices in a changing marketplace

¨Learn innovative strategies to market with diversity to different genders and generations

¨Discover the top 7 psychological marketing triggers that guarantee increased profits

¨Learn how to support your retail success and build strongly connected team alliances

¨Discover the 7 biggest marketing mistakes retailers make and how you can help them avoid them

¨Learn innovative, highly effective and proven marketing strategies that work for a limited budget

¨Discover how self-promotion and a strong belief system play a huge part in your team’s success

¨Learn how to create your own special event, get tons of free media exposure and get more repeat business


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Give your attendees the added gift of education, inspiration and a fun read with Debbie Allen’s highly acclaimed book, Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters™.  This book is available at bulk purchase discount to your organization.  Contact Debbie Allen’s office today at 800-359-4544 to order and receive your discount pricing. 








Debbie Allen is an international business speaker and award-winning author of Confessions of Shameless series of books. As a sales and marketing expert, Debbie has presented to thousands of people in nine countries around the world.  To sign up for her free online marketing newsletter, take the free business card quiz to evaluate your own marketing and to download a chapter of her book view the website at

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