Skyrocket Your Sales with

Innovative Marketing Strategies





Workshop Presented by Debbie Allen, CSP                                                                 International Business Speaker & Marketing Guru



Learn How to Attract Prospects Like Crazy              

with Proven Sales & Marketing Success Strategies!


Have you ever wondered why some businesses are highly successful, while others struggle to simply stay one step ahead of their competitors?  


The answer is that they implement time-tested sales and marketing strategies shared by the world’s leading marketing experts.  Thousands of people who have attended Debbie Allen’s live events around the world have already learned the innovative sales skills and proven money-making marketing strategies required to achieve massive success.


This is your opportunity to discover the same success strategies that have helped others reach their peak potential by one of the world’s leading marketing gurus, Debbie Allen.    




  This Information Packed and Motivational Workshop is for You!”


Attract Prospects Like Crazy with Proven Marketing Strategies


Uncover the secrets to winning over more prospects and turn existing customers into raving fans.  Discover how to drive traffic to your business, increase sales and pump up your profits fast! 


The need for innovative marketing has never been more critical for business than it is today!  With the dramatic shift within the business environment, technology and growing competition, companies must do more than just survive to succeed in today’s business world. 


Learn innovative marketing strategies that won’t break your bank account.  Learn how to build strong business alliances who promote you and your organization.  Gain powerful testimonials and repeat referrals to grow you business practically overnight. 


Discover the science and the art behind effective self-promotion and learn how to persuade others effectively with your ideas, services and products.  Learn how to jumpstart your Internet marketing with cutting-edge strategies that can be implemented over night for quick results.


·         Are you making innovative changes to update and improve your marketing?

·         Is your marketing attracting customers like crazy and keeping them loyal to your business?

·         Are proven marketing strategies in place to drive your organization to a much higher level of success?

·         Does your company’s brand connect emotionally and effectively with your prospects?

·         Do you find it more difficult to compete with growing competition and changing marketplace?


International marketing expert, Debbie Allen will help you magnify the results of your marketing fast.  You will learn how to improve your advertising, print materials, direct mail and website instantly during this information-rich workshop.  You will discover the secrets to touching your prospects’ emotions and turning them into customers for life.   Learn how to exceed your goals and dramatically increase your sales and profits.   


Learning Outcomes:

·         Promote yourself more effectively and open up a world of business opportunities  

·         Influence and persuade others to your way of thinking  

·         Stand out from your competitors with a unique and innovative marketing approach

·         Create innovate and benefit-rich marketing that gets noticed – not trashed

·         Gain a better return on your advertising by adding benefit-rich text that gets people to take notice

·         Avoid marketing mistakes and save marketing dollars in the process

·         Implement low-cost and highly-effective marketing strategies that are proven to work

·         Maximize the effectiveness of your website instantly

·         Attract more online viewers and turn them into buyers  

·         Dramatically increase your online sales with innovative marketing tools





"Debbie’s insight has enabled me to develop much more success in my business.  She helped me develop a powerful website that is now making me lots of money online.  The bottom line is that Debbie Allen is for real! If you want to get to the top in a fraction of the time it would normally take, take advantage of her wisdom and register for this event today!”  

~  Joe Sesso, Real Estate Investor Seminars



Skyrocketing Sales


Discover how to boost the sales confidence of you and your team.  Learn how to motivate your sales team to exceed their goals.  Sell more effectively and dramatically increase business profits.  Discover the amazing power of your subconscious mind and learn how to expand your beliefs to maximize business growth.       


Learn how to avoid sales frustration by eliminating traditional sales pressure that turns customers away.  Discover how to build your prospect’s trust with customer-focused, integrity-building, service-oriented sales strategies that are proven to work time and time again. 


Learning Outcomes:

·         Boost sales confidence and exceed sales goals    

·         Implement customer-focused and service-oriented sales strategies

·         Overcome sales obstacles by eliminating sales pressure

·         Use the power of persuasion to sell customers on your ideas, services and products

·         Discover and overcome six different types of sales call reluctance

·         Motivate customers to buy more often with emotional sales triggers

·         Skyrocket your sales and profits


You will walk away from this information-packed and interactive workshop with the

KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM developed from years of business building experience. 

Debbie Allen is someone who has been there and done that!  She has built and sold numerous highly successful companies using the same sales and marketing secrets for success that she will share with you.



Who Should Attend This Sales & Marketing Workshop?


Anyone who wants to take their business to a higher level of success


Anyone who wants to gain more from their marketing dollars 


Anyone who wants to attract more prospects and make more sales


Anyone who wants to dramatically and rapidly increase their website exposure


Anyone who wants to sell and market more effectively on-line


Anyone who wants to learn how to market themselves effectively without spending a dime


Anyone who wants stand out from their competitors and gain the competitive advantage 


Executives, marketing managers, business owners, general managers, salespeople, entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to learn how to attract customers like crazy with innovative and low cost marketing



Any most of all … anyone who wants to walk away with an arsenal of sales and marketing information that will attract customers like crazy!






Debbie Allen “The Shameless Success Expert” has built and sold numerous highly successful companies in diverse industries.  She now teaches the lessons of massive success with her insightful business building strategies.  Her contagious enthusiasm inspires others to move past limited personal beliefs that may be holding them back from reaching their peak potential in business and in life.               

As an international business speaker for over 12 years, Debbie Allen has presented before thousands of people in 11 countries around the world. She is one of less than 10% of professional speakers worldwide to have achieved the honor of CSP, Certified Speaking Professional, by the National Speakers Association and International Speakers Federation.  Debbie was also honored by the National Chamber of Commerce with the prestigious Blue Chip Enterprise Award for overcoming obstacles and achieving fast business growth. 

Debbie is the author of five books on sales and marketing success including her bestsellers, Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters and Skyrocketing Sales. Her expertise has been featured in dozens of publications including Entrepreneur, Selling Power and Sales & Marketing Excellence.  She is also a featured expert in the exciting new motivational movie THE OPUS.   

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The thousands of people who have attended Debbie Allen’s live events have already learned the secrets, skills and proven money-making strategies from this world-class business expert.  This is your opportunity to learn the same secrets to sales and marketing success.

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“I have spent thousands of dollars on seminars over the years, but Debbie Allen’s workshop saved me a two year learning curve.  I would never have accomplished as much success without the knowledge I gained from attending. . .

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants the fast tract to learning more about marketing your business more effectively.  I personally experienced incredible and measurable results from the strategies I learned while attending! It is hard to believe how much I achieved within just 6 months after attending Debbie’s presentation.”

~  Lea Haben, Media Consultant & Relationship Expert




The Law of Action Meets Marketing


Knowledge isn’t power until it is acted on.  The key principle in the Law of Action is that until there are action steps in place, nothing can happen.  The process of innovative action is dual layered and multi-faceted. Innovation can be both internal (meditation, thinking and visualizing) and external (actually doing some thing).  Both concepts are covered during this full day business building workshop leaving you with action steps you can put to work instantly.  


This workshop will have a strong focus on the “How” and not just what and why.  Attendees are provided with much more than theory, as your workshop leader will challenge and motivate those who attend to actually “Do” something to bring their success to fruition and create REAL RESULTS from attending.  


Debbie Allen is one of the world’s leading marketing experts.  As a marketing consultant she demands top dollar for her shared wisdom.  When you attend this workshop you will have an opportunity to utilize Ms. Allen’s marketing skills and receive on-the-spot, personalized marketing advice. Be sure to bring your marketing materials with you to the workshop. 



There are Lots of Business Workshops Out There …                                        

So What Makes This Event So Unique? 


Not only will you learn how to dramatically grow your organization, you will also discover the secrets to manifesting massive business success with proven sales and marketing strategies that work fast.   


We strive to bring you the most valuable, information-packed and inspirational workshops!  This event will be an experience you won’t soon forget.  Our expert presenters have achieved massive business success and achieved abundant wealth by utilizing the secrets and strategies they share with you.   



Who Should Attend

This informative workshop is perfectly suited for managers, executives and business owners in a wide variety of industries, especially, organizations who want to take their business to a much higher level of success.  Value-oriented businesses leaders, new to seasoned managers, independent entrepreneurs, to corporate executives will all benefit from the wisdom of this highly-successful workshop expert.


New business leaders, owners and managers to seasoned business executives, marketing experts, sales and marketing managers, entrepreneurs, corporate trainers and managers plus business owners will all gain a wealth of knowledge from the Skyrocket Your Sales with Innovative Marketing Workshop.  You will leave this workshop with a step-by-step action plan to take their business to new heights.  If you are responsible for building and improving your organization, this workshop is for YOU!




“Debbie Allen’s sales and marketing workshop gave me the boost I needed to grow my business.  I was amazed how quickly it grew after learning from her.  Now I know my dreams are going to happen. I am so grateful to have met a mentor and marketing guru of Debbie Allen’s caliber.”

~  Arlene Rosenberg, Workshop Leader & Author 




Hear what others are saying about Debbie Allen’s Workshops!



“It was very motivating. Information was kept bite-sized and easy to digest. Great practical examples! ” 

- General Manager, Goldheart Jewelry


“Indeed the workshop by Debbie Allen was a wonderful course!”

- Manager, Sony Electronics


“I had a wonderful time and learned a lot by attending the workshop by Debbie Allen.”

- General Manager, Royal Selangnor


“This workshop rejuvenated my passion in the business.  Many ideas can be implemented immediately.”

                                                                                    - Lee Chee Yan, Entrepreneur


“Attending Debbie Allen’s workshop was the best thing I have done for my business in the past ten years!”

                                                                                    - Chris Hudson, Owner of Bellevue Art


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